The SUPLMNT Mission

Our mission is to improve urban communities through hydration.

Sugary drinks are wreaking havoc on underserved areas. We are seeing the long-term effects of consuming high sugar juices in place of water, things such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and the list goes on.

COVID-19 has done more damage to the urban community than any other demographic because of these major health issues that plague minority dominated areas. We can make an impact.

Purchasing a bottle is more than just having something that you drink water out of, every bottle sold has a watermark note on there which is to “DRINK WATER & EMPOWER others”! A daily reminder to drink more water and be more intentional about your health. But also, to use the positive vibes and positive energy that we all possess to Empower one another.

Our goal is for an overall healthier community, physically and mentally!