3 Infused Water Recipes to Elevate Your Hydration Game

3 Infused Water Recipes to Elevate Your Hydration Game

3 Infused Water Recipes to Elevate Your Hydration Game

Are you ready to revolutionize your hydration habits without falling back on sugary beverages? Introducing our curated guide to infused water recipes—where the simplicity of preparation meets the sophistication of hydration. These recipes transform basic water with an infusion of fruits, herbs, and vegetables, creating a health-forward beverage that’s both nourishing and indulgent.

Key Insights:

  • Health Elevations: Choose infused water as your go-to for a hydrating experience that supports detoxification, boosts appetite control, and more, all while eschewing sugary alternatives.
  • Effortless Craft: Simply select your preferred botanicals or fruits, immerse them in water, and experience the alchemy that turns everyday hydration into a gourmet sip.
  • Diverse Palette: From the zest of Lemon & Thyme Delight to the lush profiles of Berry Bliss, our recipes are designed to invigorate your daily water intake with a splash of style.

The Essence of Infusion:

Crafting infused water is akin to a culinary art, enhancing plain water with the essence of nature’s finest offerings. This not only elevates the flavor but also imbues your drink with myriad health benefits—from aiding in weight management to enhancing metabolic functions. The infusion process is a blend of simplicity and elegance, infusing your hydration routine with a touch of luxury.

Infusion Methodology:

  • Purity in Preparation: Begin with pristine practices by thoroughly washing your hands and produce. Slice fruits to unveil more surface area, enhancing the infusion’s potency.
  • Flavor Maturation: Opt for cold water to slow the infusion rate, ensuring a delicate and gradual flavor enhancement suitable for refined palates.

Featured Recipes:

Lemon & Thyme Delight: A sublime fusion of lemon’s brightness and thyme’s earthy undertones, perfect for a sophisticated refreshment. To prepare:

  • 1 large lemon
  • 5 to 6 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Ice cubes
  • 1 gallon of purified water

Slice the lemon, muddle the thyme in the container, add your cinnamon stick, water and ice, and let the infusion happen! But remember, citrus fruits like lemon should be removed from the infusion after a short period to prevent the water from becoming bitter.

Kiwi & Strawberry Summer Sip: 

Next, the Kiwi & Strawberry Summer Sip. This delightful recipe pairs the sweetness of strawberries with the distinctive taste of kiwi for a summer refreshment. To prepare, fill your SUPLMNT water bottle with:

  • ice

  • kiwi slices

  • strawberry pieces

  • lime wedges

Then, top it up with water. The infusion of kiwi and strawberries with a hint of mint leaves offers a fusion of citrusy and sweet flavor profiles perfect for a summer drink!

Watermelon & Mint Cooler

& Finally, the Watermelon & Mint Cooler. This hydrating infusion is ideal for summer days and paired best with a SUPLMNT insulated water bottle to keep cold all day long! To prepare, follow these steps:

  1. Fill a pitcher with water.

  2. Infuse it with almost half of its volume in watermelon pieces.

  3. Add a handful of mint leaves.

  4. Let it sit for 2-4 hours, or preferably overnight for a more intense flavor.

Enjoy this refreshing drink on hot summer days!


Step into the world of infused water—a minimalist approach that delivers maximal flavor and health benefits! These recipes are not just about hydration; they’re about enhancing lifestyle choices, one sip at a time. Embrace these artisanal waters as a daily ritual and transform your water into a canvas of flavor.

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